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During this Pandemic Mask are manditory when entering, must wash or santizie hands upon arrival, bathrooms are off limits!

In Studio special $250 details 

1 person, 3 edits, 3 outfit changes, 1 hours max time, All unedited jpeg images compressed, Deposit $250 full balance. Please have makeup and hair done prior unless you booked a makeup artist and hair stylist through us.


Session Details

Each sessions you'll receive 10 edits, 3 outfit changes, and all unedited JPEG images compressed. For 'in my studio' session You'll have a maximum of 2 hours and a choice of 2 Backdrop colors, for outside studio session you'll have a maximum of 2 hours, for 'my studio & outside studio' you'll have a maximum of 3 hours. Please be informed any session that is outside the GTA is subject to additional cost. Outside sessions do not include backdrops. Please have makeup & hair done prior to your session unless you have book makeup artist & hairstylist through us.

($ 500.00)

All images are under the rights of Maxwell Bonsu ( Maximilian ). To Control and /or prohibit Maximilian Photography from posting your photo-session images on any social network and or any published/online magazine and own the rights to your photo-session. A release form will be provided by Maximilian upon request.

($ 300.00)

Get a 1 minute video of your photo shoot with three variations to choose from for the final product. If you requiring more minutes please inform the photographer.

($ 200.00)


Additional Hour $ 10.00 0
Additional Edits/Retouching $ 20.00 0
Additional Outfits $ 5.00 0

Please provide foundation and lashes upon arrival for your session.

Makeup Artist 1 look each $ 75.00 0

Please keep in mind that this is just styling this does not include installs. Any additional work will be subject to additional charges please inform Photographer and Hairstylist prior to your session.

Hair Stylist 1 look each $ 80.00 0
Additional People in session $ 50.00 0

Anyone who will be sitting and observing your session will be subject to charge this does not include infants.

How many spectators? $ 20.00 0

Please include full name and/or instagram of all parties attending this does not include infants.

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